Our screening: this is what we need from you.

At Dytter, we go for revolutionary good care. This is only possible if all of our caregivers have the proper paperwork. That's why we ask you for the following documents:

1. Your Chamber of Commerce number.
As an entrepreneur in health care you are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Your eight-digit Chamber of Commerce number can be found on the welcome letter from the Chamber of Commerce or in the online Trade Register.

2. A copy of your healthcare diploma.
Can't find it? Then try the DUO diploma tool.

3. A copy of your ID.
The safest way is to cross out your personal information and put a watermark on your ID. You can do this with the KopieID app from the Rijksoverheid.

4. A Certificate of Good Conduct.
The Certificate of Good Conduct, abbreviated to VOG, may be up to two years old. If you can't find it, you can reapply for it here. You need screening profile 45 Healthcare and welfare for humans and animals.

Note: commercial intermediaries who apply for a CGC for you charge extra and are no faster than if you do it yourself through the official website.

5. Copy of proof of affiliation with dispute body.
Every care provider must join an external arbitration body. This is stated in the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz). With this law we try to improve the position of clients in the Netherlands. On the website of the CIBG you will find a list of recognized arbitration bodies which you can join.

6. Copy of certificates of further training (from MBO 2+).
Have you obtained certificates in addition to your diploma through further training? If so, send a copy of these certificates as well. The certificates for nursing activities that fit your level may not be older than two years.

Did you obtain your diploma less than two years ago and still have no certificates? Then fill in a self-declaration. To do so, download the templates for nursing technical acts and reserved acts. Fill them out and upload them during our onboarding process.

7. BIG registration number (from mbo 4).
The BIG register contains the correct registration for each care provider. Professional titles such as nurse, midwife and doctor you may only use if you are in that register. And only with that registration may you independently perform activities that belong to your profession. Therefore, send us your BIG number. Don't know the number? Then look it up in the register.

This is how you send us your documents.

Upload them in a few clicks in your Dytter account. As soon as we receive your documents, we start the screening process. We will finish within three working days. Then you can get started right away. Do you have any questions? Call us at 030 227 3351 or send an email to contact@dytter.com

Always have your documents up to date.

We We help you keep your documents up to date. That is why we regularly check whether everything is still correct. If not, you will receive a message from us well in advance. These documents have an expiration date:

  • Your Certificate of Good Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, abbreviated to VOG)
  • Your proof of identity
  • Your certificate of membership of the Disputes Committee, abbreviated to Wkkgz
  • Your nursing technical procedures
  • Your reserved procedures
  • You will be notified well in advance when it is time to replace one of your documents. This gives you plenty of time to send in a new one.

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