The online platform for healthcare organizations

Dytter matches care organizations with independent care providers.
Cheaper than you are used to, faster than you are used to, and with a lot less hassle. Without sacrificing quality.
It's time for Dytter.

The online platform for healthcare organizations

Dytter matches care organizations with independent care providers.
Cheaper than you are used to, faster than you are used to, and with a lot less hassle. Without sacrificing quality.
It's time for Dytter.

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Purchase care like you do groceries: affordable, fast and hassle-free. After a month, you won’t want anything else. And if you change your mind, you can stop immediately (but we’re pretty sure that you won’t).

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Try Dytter for free for a month.

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Good care. Affordable care. Faster, and with a lot less hassle.

Just like you, we’re passionate about healthcare. And we’re building an online platform to make it more accessible and more efficient. Dytter matches healthcare organizations with independent healthcare providers. And we’ve gotten rid of the paperwork and the red tape. All that’s left is good, affordable care for everyone.

For healthcare organizations, Dytter means: purchasing the healthcare you need more affordably, faster and with less hassle. You can request a trial account at the touch of a button. The first month is free; after that there’s just a 10% booking fee.

Three advantages of using Dytter as a healthcare organization



No unnecessary paperwork. No unnecessary middlemen. This means lower costs: the care provider’s hourly rate + a 10% booking fee. And the first month is on us.

Arranged quickly.

Log in, search, book. It's that simple. Need someone right away? With the Dytter Direct service you can replace that sick colleague at the speed of light.

Without the hassle.

Healthcare should be about people caring for other people. Period/Full stop. That’s why we’ve made booking and planning as simple as possible. And most of the administration takes care of itself.
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Within one day someone was on the doorstep with a demo and I was able to get started.”

Patrick de LeeuwRecruiter
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Book caregivers in two ways

As a healthcare organization you can book caregivers in two ways.

Not in a rush? Use Dytter.

Enter a date, part of the day, length of engagement, and qualification level. You’ll immediately see all available independent care providers and their rates. You choose for yourself, after which the independent care provider receives a booking request. Booking accepted? Beautiful. Not? Then you can choose someone else right away.

Is it urgent? Use Dytter Direct.

Need it done yesterday? With Dytter Direct you can purchase healthcare at the speed of light. Enter a date, part of the day, length of engagement, qualification level and your payment rate, and every independent care provider who fits your criteria will be notified. The first to accept gets the job.

Everything in one convenient environment

You arrange everything in one convenient online environment. That includes managing your agenda, booking independent care providers and checking the hours worked.

Automatic billing

You’ll automatically receive invoices for any services you’ve booked and authorized the hours. You choose whether you want invoices per independent care provider, per neighborhood team, or per cluster, and at a frequency of every week, every two weeks or every month.

How Dytter works

We’re changing healthcare for the better. Want to join us?

It’s time. Because healthcare needs to be more affordable. Because it can be more personal. Because it doesn’t have to be such a chore. We’re going to make it happen, along with thousands of providers and organizations who share our passion for healthcare.

Where we come from...

In 2014, founder André Piso saw firsthand how cumbersome it can be to make healthcare arrangements. His father has Alzheimer’s, and his mother was having trouble taking care of him on her own. Arranging the right care, whether at home or at a facility, was complicated. Unnecessarily complicated. And he figured something needed to be done.

And where we’re going.

So André started Dytter. The name is a Norwegian word meaning ‘at the touch of a button’. Dytter is a platform that matches independent healthcare providers with the organizations that need them. The aim is to make healthcare more affordable, faster to set up, and available at the touch of a button. Hundreds of care providers have already joined. A number of healthcare organizations are on board too.

We’re building a movement, and we need like-minded people to help move it forward. We need great providers and great organizations, to help us realize our vision. We’re working toward a world where caregivers can provide care, and organizations can purchase it, quickly and affordably. And without the constant, pointless hassle. And we’re working toward a world where every healthcare provider has what they need to realize their own vision, and offer the level of care they know they’re capable of.

The more organizations that join in, the sooner that world becomes reality.

Look who’s already here.

More and more healthcare organizations are discovering that now is the time for Dytter. And thanks to their collaboration, the platform just keeps getting better. Join us too, tell us what you need, and together we’ll make healthcare even better.

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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

How does Dytter guarantee the quality of independent care providers?

You’ll only find competent, qualified caregivers on Dytter, each one screened by us. Before they join our platform, they have to provide:

A valid ID

A VOG that’s less than two years old

Care diplomas

Any additional certificates

A Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number

Proof of affiliation with a dispute committee

BIG registration (for MBO 4 and HBO nurses)

What’s the difference between Dytter and a traditional agency?

The biggest difference is that local team planners receive their own account with us. This allows them to book independent care providers directly. So that’s no more endless emails and phone calls between different desks. From now on you can find affordable caregivers in the right area, quickly and without hassle.

As an organization, you choose who you book, what education level they need, and what hourly rate you’re willing to pay.

With Dytter Direct, you can also book services at the last minute. Suppose a colleague drops out of a late shift tomorrow. You can post a request in Dytter Direct, specifying the education level you need, and the hourly rate. Every independent provider in the area gets notified, and has an opportunity to accept the request. Whoever accepts it first shows up the next day to work.

And finally, because we’re an online platform, we need a lot fewer staff, and a lot less overhead. So our costs are lower, and so are our prices for both care providers and care organizations.

How does billing work?

Step 1 - Book an independent care provider through Dytter for a specified number of hours. Or find a caregiver in response to a request you made through Dytter Direct.

Step 2 - The care provider works the agreed shift, and ticks it off in Dytter. If the number of hours worked is lower or higher than what’s scheduled, they’ll indicate this. If they worked additional hours, the higher number applies. If they worked fewer hours, the planned number of hours applies, unless the caregiver decided on their own to stop early.

Step 3 - You’ll receive notification that the shift was completed, and you can approve or reject it. If you reject, you’ll need to provide a reason, in which case the provider can either adjust the service, or contact you directly to discuss.

Step 4 - Every week or every month (your choice), you’ll receive an invoice for all of the hours you’ve approved. We’ll customize this invoice to your needs and your administration process as much as possible. For example, we can deliver invoices for each district team, or each independent care provider.

What does Dytter cost?

You’ll pay a 10% fee (excl. VAT) for the hours you’ve booked through Dytter. No extras, no hidden costs.

Can we customize the way we use Dytter?

Hell yes you can! If your organization has a specific way you want to use our service, we’ll work with you to put together your ideal, custom Dytter.

Got a question that’s not listed here? Contact us.

One day our parents will be able to purchase the care they need immediately, through an app. And that day isn’t far off.”

André PisoFounder Dytter
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It's time for Dytter.

A world in which healthcare organizations purchase care as they do their shopping. Immediately, without hassle and for a fair price.

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking…