The online platform for independent care providers

Dytter matches care organizations with independent care providers.
Cheaper than you are used to, faster than you are used to, and with a lot less hassle. Without sacrificing quality.
It's time for Dytter.

The online platform for independent care providers

Dytter matches care organizations with independent care providers.
Cheaper than you are used to, faster than you are used to, and with a lot less hassle. Without sacrificing quality.
It's time for Dytter.

Work your way.

Just like you, we’re passionate about healthcare. And we’re building an online platform to make it more accessible and more efficient. Dytter matches healthcare organizations with independent healthcare providers. And we’ve gotten rid of the paperwork and the red tape. All that’s left is good, affordable care for everyone.

For you as an independent caregiver, Dytter means: deciding for yourself when you work, where you work, and for what hourly rate. Registration just takes a few clicks. The first month is free, and there’s just a 5% booking fee after that.

Three advantages of using Dytter as an independent healthcare provider


More freedom.

You decide when and where you work, and you set the hourly rate. That means maximum flexibility for balancing work and private life.

Lower costs.

Using Dytter means no excessive paperwork or unnecessary middlemen. That’s why our rates are so low: 5% of earnings, and the first month is free.

Less fuss.

Healthcare should be about people caring for other people. Period/Full stop. That’s why Dytter lets you arrange everything through a single app: your availability, hourly rate, and even your maximum travel distance.
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Arranging your services as an independent care provider.

As an independent care provider you can be booked in two ways.

Based on availability

Indicate when, where and at what rate you want to work, so that healthcare organizations can book you. You’ll receive notification if a care organization wants to book you. In the app, you can see the name of the organization, the type of care (home or inpatient), the date and time period of the service, and the total amount you earn.

Via Dytter Direct
Emergency services can be found under the Dytter Direct tab—whoever responds first has the assignment, and can get started right away. You’ll see the contact details of the healthcare organization as soon as you accept the assignment.

Everything in one convenient environment

You arrange everything in one convenient online environment. In it you manage your profile, choose your rate, your maximum travel distance and indicate when you are available. You also see a handy weekly overview with all the shifts you work.

Automatic invoices

We collect all approved hours of the shifts you have worked per week or per month, whatever you want. We make the invoices ourselves, on your behalf. Shortly afterwards you will receive your invoice and your money.

How Dytter works

We’re reinventing healthcare. Want to join us?

It’s time. Because healthcare needs to be more affordable. Because it can be more personal. Because it doesn’t have to be such a chore. We’re going to make it happen, along with thousands of providers and organizations who share our passion for healthcare.

Read here to find out which documents and information we’ll need from you, and where you can find them.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

What kind of assignments will I get through Dytter?

Currently, Dytter can set you up with home care and inpatient care opportunities. In the coming months, we’ll expand that to include hospitals, disabled care (GHZ), and mental health care too (GGZ). In 2022 you can expect to see individual care opportunities as well.

What does Dytter cost?

For the first month there’s no booking fee. After that, you’ll pay 5% of the invoice total to Dytter. The money doesn’t go to cover expensive managers and offices—we don’t have those. Instead, it gets invested in Dytter, so we can keep improving our services, for providers, care organizations, and eventually individual recipients.

How do I register?

To be totally clear: Dytter only lists self-employed caregivers. In addition to personal data, we also need information about your company, your healthcare diplomas and a valid Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).

You’ll receive a message from us as soon as the screening is completed. The entire process takes three working days, maximum. You’ll also receive a manual from us right away, so you know all the details about how Dytter works. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you’re always welcome to give us a call. We’re partners now, after all.

Read here about the registration requirements.

What information do you need?

Needless to say, patients and care recipients expect top-notch care from the people we connect them with. So only well-qualified providers work with Dytter. As a trained professional, you’ve earned our complete trust, but we also need to make sure you’ve got the right papers.

Read here to learn which documents and information you’ll need to provide, and where you can find them.

How does registration and invoicing work?

Step 1 - A healthcare organization books you for an assignment, based on your qualifications and availability, or you respond to a Dytter Direct request.

Step 2 - You do what you do best: provide top-notch care. If you’ve worked more or fewer hours than the original assignment, please indicate this. If it went over, you’ll be paid for the excess. If you worked fewer hours, you’ll still be paid for the assigned hours, unless you decided to cut the shift short yourself.

Step 3 - The healthcare organization approves your service; if they don’t, there will be a reason clearly stated. You can then adjust your service based on the stated reason, or you can contact the organization directly to dispute it.

Step 4 - Every week or every month, depending on the organization, you’ll receive an invoice. Yes, that’s the invoice you normally send to the customer, but we take care of that for you.

Why independent care providers sometimes have to wait for their first Dytter shift

We’re determined to turn healthcare upside down, and we’re making good headway. New care organizations and independent care providers are registering every day...but we’re not there yet. Ultimately, Dytter will be a platform with more than enough independent care providers for every organization, and more than enough care organizations for every independent provider. Until then, it can sometimes take a while before there are enough services on Dytter for independent care providers.

In any case, sign up in advance. The more we have, the sooner we get to a point where there’s always enough for everyone.

Can Dytter help me arrange self-employed status?

We welcome anyone who wants to become an independent healthcare provider, and we’re happy to help you make that happen. Please contact us and we’ll work with you to get it done. Or take a look at, en, for information about self-employment in the healthcare sector.

Do I have to charge VAT if I work through Dytter?

Healthcare services are exempt, so you don’t need to charge VAT on your hours worked.

What are the benefits of using Dytter?

Freedom You decide when and where you work, and set your own hourly rate.

Convenience You don’t have to find assignments on your own—Dytter does the searching for you. Administration, logging hours, and invoicing are all extra simple from here on out.

Knowledge In addition to finding assignments, we also keep you up to date with articles about the healthcare industry. So you’re always informed, and always improving.

Last-minute Assignments If you suddenly find yourself with an opening in your schedule, Dytter Direct can help you fill it with work.

A Better World This new approach sounds great, and it is: more affordable personal healthcare for everyone who needs it. That’s a world we all want, and together with thousands of caregivers and healthcare organizations, we’re making it happen. That’s something to be proud of.

Have another question that’s not answered here? Contact us.

The care providers really know how to handle things. And they’re also a lot of fun.”

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It's time for Dytter.

It’s time for a world where independent caregivers provide care when and where they want, at rates they set themselves, and with less hassle.

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