Finding caregivers and approving hours

Finding good self-employed people in healthcare is hard enough. And then you have to deal with the administration of hours and invoicing. It’s enough to keep a planner or team coordinator fully occupied, with no time for anything else. Fortunately, now there’s the Dytter app. It gives you direct access to a network of healthcare professionals in your area, even if someone calls in sick at the last minute. And you can take care of the administration in just minutes. Really—it can be that easy! Read on to learn how it works.

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Step 1. Get a match

In the Dytter app, each of the pre-approved self-employed caregivers in our system indicates exactly when they want to work, and at what hourly rate. As a planner, you choose the right one, and immediately book them for a service. If you’ve got a sick employee or other emergency, you can place an urgent application on Dytter Direct. The first freelancer with the requested educational level who accepts the service gets the job, and can start working immediately.

Step 2. Receive an overview of the hours worked

After the caregiver completes their shift, they confirm the hours worked in the app. These hours then show up in your Dytter account for verification. Requests from a caregiver to adjust the length of service can also be confirmed here.

If the caregiver worked shorter hours through no fault of their own, then they’re compensated for the number of planned hours. Only if they stopped working earlier of their own accord, due to illness or an emergency for example, do they report a change. This can also be done simply, through the app.

Step 3. Check and approve hours

Whoever’s ultimately responsible for approving hours can now check them, and enter any changes to the schedule. If everything looks good, you can confirm the service, and you’re done. If something isn’t quite right, you can reject the hours and let the employee know why. In a case like this, please contact Dytter to discuss the dispute. The person with ultimate responsibility, also known as an approver, is linked to the planner's account and has access to the hours. Each care organization will indicate who is associated with a team as planner and who as approver. It’s also possible to give several people the same authorization.

Step 4. Receive the invoice

All hours that you approve are collected in the app. The invoice from the caregiver is then automatically sent to Dytter via reversed billing. You can indicate yourself whether you want to receive invoices per self-employed person, per neighborhood team, or per cluster, and whether you want them each week, fortnight, or month. If you allow it, Dytter can send out automatically generated invoices for you—simple! This is one way that Dytter makes good healthcare affordable, quick, and hassle-free.

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