Dytter: how it all started

The personal story of founder André Piso

'The idea for Dytter started with my father. He’s in his 70s and has Alzheimer's, which is slowly but surely displacing him. His memory and language deteriorated rapidly and he became completely dependent on my mother. Taking on the role of informal caregiver was difficult for her, and just got harder as time went on.'

Foto André en vader


'Unfortunately, my parents don't live around the corner from me, so I can only offer help from a distance most of the time. But it was a lot harder than I expected. At one point, my mother called to tell me that it just wasn’t working anymore. Both my father and she were in dire need of help. So I went online to look for help, but just got sent on a wild goose chase, with endless forms to fill out and sites to navigate. And in the meantime, my parents still weren’t getting any help.

How Uber inspired a healthcare app

'This whole situation is really strange, I thought. You can book a taxi via Uber. You can arrange a hotel, mortgage or insurance online, and it’s incredibly easy. So why isn’t it possible to do the same thing when booking healthcare assistance? Why can’t it be simple, using an app, where you choose based on your own needs, someone's profile and the ratings of other users? '

With the push of a button

'That was the impetus for starting Dytter in 2014. I’m very proud of the quality of healthcare in the Netherlands, but it could definitely be faster and more affordable. Dytter uses an innovative, simple app to screen and match independent healthcare professionals with healthcare organizations. And vice versa. At the touch of a button. Because that’s what Dytter means in Norwegian: at the touch of a button. '

Dytter works

'Dytter works. Qualified self-employed healthcare professionals can register and decide for themselves when and where they want to work, and at what hourly rate. Then, interested healthcare organizations can contact them directly. In the case of illness or emergency, an organization can place an urgent assignment, and the first care provider with the right education level who accepts the assignment can start working immediately. It’s easy, fast and efficient. The administration is a lot more straightforward, too. This is how we make healthcare affordable, and start chipping away at the shortage of healthcare providers.'

The right care for everyone

'At the moment, Dytter only matches independent care providers with care organizations. In the near future, we’ll add private individuals to this, so that everyone can find the right care immediately, without hassle. And so that people like my parents can continue to live together at home, happier and more independently. That's what I signed up for. '

Want to know more?

Interested in learning what Dytter can do for you? Read more about it on the page for independent care providers or care organizations.