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Get to know the people behind Dytter. By asking ten questions about work, personal life and whatever else comes up, we give you a peek behind the scenes and you get to know our colleagues even better. This month we put Tara in the spotlight, marketing manager at Dytter.

How did your career start at Dytter?
I started working at Dytter in 2019. Before that, I was a social worker in mental health care. Always with great pleasure, but I wanted something different. Not because I didn't like care anymore, but because I was running into things I had no control over and were costing me too much energy. It became more and more about money and administration, at the expense of the quality of care I wanted to provide. I saw not only the clients but also my colleagues struggling with this. And so I decided: a change of course. But I didn't want to let go of care completely. Through Linkedin I came into contact with Dytter. The story immediately appealed to me. The red tape, the lack of speed, simplicity and good care. I recognized it. Full of enthusiasm I started with my application and within a day I had a response. The next day I was invited for an interview and two weeks later I was sitting in the office in Utrecht. My career at Dytter had begun.

What are your duties?
I started as an office manager, with the main task of invoicing. The nice thing about this job was the amount of contact I had with the freelancers. But as soon as it came to marketing or communication I pricked up my ears and out of curiosity I helped where I could. After a few months a spot became available in marketing and I moved on. As marketing manager, I form the Marketing & Communication team with Leonie. My duties include internal and external communication, PR, managing (online) campaigns, the website and determining (marketing) strategy. But I also think about what gifts we send to freelancers and care organizations. So if you received the thermos flask or beach ball, I hope you liked it!

Working at Dytter means working on a dream. What is your dream?
With Dytter I want to empower the people working in healthcare and those receiving the care. Care providers should do what they enjoy most: providing care. Without spending time on administration or other unnecessary processes. And the person receiving care should feel that there is time and attention again, even if it's just an extra cup of coffee. I ran into this myself at the time and want to make a difference with Dytter. And if I can combine this dream with my passion to travel, then I can make all my dreams come true.

If you could spend one day in the shoes of another colleague, who would it be?
I hesitate between sales and development. I have not worked in either team before, but I am very curious to see what their days are like. I would like to experience what it is like to develop something new on the platform. And in the sales team I am very curious about the contact with new, potential customers. How do these conversations go? Within Dytter we work together a lot, the contact is close, but you don't always have the idea what someone exactly does. By the way, I am very happy with my own work. So if I have been able to answer my questions I would like to go back to my own place.

On Linkedin you write that you are creative. Where does this show up?
From the many hobbies I have. For example, I love to tackle things around the house myself. DIY. My home office is a project right now, I've wallpapered the closet doors and am in the process of putting together a desk. Unfortunately, the lockdown we're in right now has slowed it down a bit but it's going to be super cozy! I also love making photo books of our travels, watercolor painting and I took a macramé course a while ago. Photography attracts me as well, partly because of my boyfriend. And I would love to do a painting course again, and then make a painting on canvas myself.

"I want to empower caregivers and those who receive care."

Tara, does the marketing

Within Dytter you are known as the Nutella lover. Tell me, how about that?
Make that chocolate in general! I love chocolate, love all flavors. You can really wake me up for it. Nutella specifically reminds me of vacations, we always take a jar with us when we go camping. Last summer, during lunch at Dytter's, we had a jar of Nutella and I enthusiastically exclaimed that it gave me such good memories. They didn't let me say that twice, haha. The next day a bucket of three kilos of Nutella was on my desk. And now I am known as the Nutella lover. There are worse images to think of if I say so myself.

What household chore do you really hate?
If I may be very honest, everything. Except cooking, which I enjoy doing. But the rest, I don't like. Ungrateful, you've just scrubbed the windows, there's bird droppings on the window again. Or the laundry just gone, the laundry basket is full again. But if I really had to choose, I would prefer never having to vacuum again. On my wish list at number one is therefore a robot vacuum cleaner.

Can you tell us something that even colleagues don't know yet?
I have a thing for color sorting. You know those pictures of the M&Ms on Facebook, where blue is by blue and red is by red? Yes, that's me. And if I have three M&M's left they are always three different colors. My closet, obviously sorted by color. But books in the bookcase are by theme, not color. A table full of candles of unequal height I will always put in a proper order. From low to high, for example. So actually I have more of a thing with organizing I think haha.

We are almost at the end, but not without asking Gretha's question: what makes you really happy?
Haha yes, I saw that one coming. And I have been thinking about it. Actually, a lot of things make me happy, big and small. Travel, yes, that makes me very happy. But when I took a beautiful walk at sunset this weekend, my eyes started to shine. And well.. I can't help it, a bar of chocolate works wonders!

As a final question, who should be in the spotlight next month? And what question would you like to ask this colleague?
I would love to put Bart in the spotlight next month. And then I would like to know what he used to be like as a child.

Are you the next colleague to be in the spotlight?