We’re starting a revolution in healthcare.

There’s no country on earth that’s figured out healthcare better than the Netherlands. But healthcare organizations could still do a lot better. Are caregivers really getting the rewards they deserve? Are care recipients getting the attention they need?

That’s why we’ve started a revolution in healthcare.

With the Dytter booking platform, we’re combining the human component of care with the possibilities of today’s digital technology. It lets healthcare organizations find the healthcare providers they need in a smarter, faster, more affordable way. And it helps caregivers find the providers and agencies they want to work with, with more freedom and greater job satisfaction.

“There will come a day when people will be able to book their own care using nothing more than an app. That day is not far off.”

André Piso, founder of Dytter

Why the time for a revolution is now.

It’s 2014. Our founder André Piso is in the United States, working at Microsoft. Then one evening his mother calls. She’s distraught. She’s been taking care of André's father, who suffers from Alzheimer's, and it’s becoming too much.

André is used to arranging things himself, so he turns to the internet to arrange home care for his father. And he soon discovers that arranging home care is more complicated than even the most complex systems he’s worked with in his long career in the tech sector. Way too many boxes, even more walls, incomprehensible instructions and workflows, and it all progresses at a speed that would make a turtle despondent.

Discussing this experience with care organizations, providers and recipients, André finds plenty of agreement. Everywhere in the healthcare industry, people see that it needs to be easier, smarter, and faster. Healthcare organizations need more hands. Healthcare providers deserve better pay and more flexibility. Clients deserve more attention.

Healthcare is ready for a revolution in healthcare, André concludes. He says goodbye to Microsoft, and starts collaborating with healthcare organizations to start building Dytter, an online platform based on smart technology, in a digital environment that everyone can understand. Care organizations can find the care providers they need there. Care providers can find the services they want to work with. Which means that care recipients can receive the attention they deserve.

Fast forward to now, and we’re growing fast. Countless healthcare organizations and thousands of healthcare providers have joined here in the Netherlands, and since 2021 in Germany and Norway as well. It’s a dream come true. Our ultimate dream—a world where everyone is able to book their own care themselves—is still in the (near) future, for now. But the revolution is already underway.

The story behind our revolution.

"At Dytter, we make an impact by making healthcare simpler and more accessible. I want to show that things can be done differently and faster by letting clients take control themselves."

Tara, does the marketing

We're unleashing a revolution, together.

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