At Dytter, we’re building a dream. Meet the people behind the platform.

Dytter believes in healthcare with more freedom of choice. Healthcare that’s affordable, accessible, and as simple as it is personal. Our booking app takes care of this, by matching care organizations with independent care providers. Starting in the Netherlands, and expanding to other countries soon.

But who is making all this possible? Meet the people behind the platform.

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André Piso.

The creator and founder of Dytter

'I founded Dytter because I have a dream: a world where good care can be arranged affordably, quickly and without hassle. My knowledge and experience—and the knowledge and experience of the fantastic people around me—are making sure that dream becomes a reality. Just wait and see.

What do I do besides dream? I set the course, keep us on track, and bring the right people together. Until the day that dream comes true. '


Takes care of the caregivers and planners

'I screen independent care providers and publish their profiles. I also build the Dytter community by informing, motivating and activating the providers. My twenty years of experience as a healthcare entrepreneur comes in handy: I ​​understand independent care providers and healthcare organizations like no one else. Working at Dytter is great. We have a lot of fun, celebrate successes big and small, and manage to stay positive and full of energy. '



Takes care of the healthcare organizations and the platform

'I maintain contact with the healthcare organizations, and take care of communication with the development team. Before Dytter, I worked in healthcare in a nursing home for six years, but I missed having a real challenge, and never had enough time to spend with patients. Dytter's mission really spoke to my underlying passion for healthcare. Care services are currently so fragmented, through dozens of different channels. But if you can simplify the booking process using an online platform, this potentially leaves more time for patients. '


Builds the technology

'As a programmer I help create our digital products and platforms. Before Dytter I mainly worked in the financial sector, but I really missed seeing a social impact in the things I was developing. But here, we’re improving the way healthcare gets delivered, to make it more affordable. It’s nice to know that the work I’m doing is contributing to a better society. '



Does the marketing

'After my training as a social worker, I worked in ambulatory counseling and forensic and acute psychiatry, among other things. Healthcare right now is inadequate due to all the cutbacks and rules, and I stopped wanting to work 'on the floor'. At Dytter, we can make a real impact by simplifying healthcare and making it more accessible. I want to show that things can be done better and faster, by letting care providers and organizations take control themselves.'


Builds the technology

'For us, and especially for the care providers and organizations that use our platform, it’s super important that Dytter works perfectly. With my experience in devising and developing smart technology, it’s my job to make that happen. And I enjoy it: new technology makes my heart beat faster. Especially when I work all day with great people who want to make a positive impact on this world.'

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Does the marketing

'Working here is like making a dream into reality: good, affordable healthcare for everyone. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? The personal story behind Dytter’s founding immediately appealed to me. I’m part of the marketing communication team, helping to share Dytter’s story with the rest of the Netherlands...and eventually the rest of Europe, and beyond. My passion for communication comes from my experience in sports marketing, and it’s something I apply every day. It’s a real pleasure to work alongside such passionate colleagues.'


Takes care of the platform and the team

'Dytter and I share the same mission: to bring innovation to healthcare, and to make health services simpler, more affordable, and more personal. It’s my job to make sure the technology and the organization work together hand in hand; my experience working with public sector software and services helps make this possible. Everyone at Dytter is genuinely motivated, to get the best out of themselves, and do their best to improve healthcare. A lot of organizations talk the talk, but this team walks the walk.'

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Does the sales

'Together with a team of ambitious, hardworking and creative colleagues we tell the inspiring story of Dytter. As a sales manager, I talk to the care organizations. Together we look for efficiency within the organization, where Dytter makes the difference. I believe in it. By automating processes and innovating healthcare, we make it accessible for everyone.'


Builds the technology

'The best thing about my job: building a user-friendly product that makes a positive impact on the world. At Dytter, we work on a platform that makes an impact within healthcare. That gives me energy and satisfaction. As front-end developer I work on everything you as a user see and how you communicate within the platform. It's my job to make sure everything runs smoothly and sometimes surprise you with extra features within the platform.'



Takes care of the caregivers and planners

'Before I started at Dytter I worked for several health insurance companies. Here I was in daily contact with people who run into the problems that Dytter offers the solution for. At Dytter I am part of the Community team, where I, together with Gretha and Nick, am in daily contact with planners and care providers. André's dream immediately appealed to me, the ambition and the idea behind Dytter is fantastic. Plus this way we can contribute to better care. The ideal match.'


Does the marketing

'I devise and create the content you see on our socials, blogs and newsletters. After studying nursing for a while, I strongly felt the need to do a creative education. At Dytter I can combine these two worlds and contribute in my own creative way to a dream: good and affordable care for everyone. Working at Dytter is working together on something incredibly big, with a small close-knit team. We are changing the world of healthcare. It gives me a great feeling to think that my parents, but also I myself, will later be in charge of the care we receive.'

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Advises the team

'I believe in the strength of the individual. Organizing healthcare in a different way is a dream of mine, so it’s great to let that passion fly, and apply my experience as a healthcare IT and innovation manager. I like the energy that you get in a startup, and this sense of pioneering, where everything is new, and every day demands creativity and perseverance.'


Does the finance

'Within Dytter I take care of the smooth running of the financial processes. After years of working at different corporates, working at a scale up with a huge ambition is a dream. Dytter consists of a small team of great colleagues. The energy and drive of the people makes every day at the office a celebration. With my work I want to contribute to making it easier to obtain care. People in need of care should spend so much less time arranging care that they have more time to enjoy themselves.'



Advises the team

'For over twenty years I have been working in and for healthcare. As a physician, CIO and CFO at hospitals, home and elderly care organizations and in the GGZ and independent treatment centers. My expertise lies in digital transitions, the applicability of artificial intelligence and innovation in healthcare. Helping healthcare organizations deliver good care and ensuring they are financially healthy is where my passion lies. A digital healthcare platform like Dytter is a great method to achieve this,. And as an Advisory Board member, I help make the dream a reality.'


Does the sales

'Making care always and everywhere, available to everyone. How cool is that! As Inside Sales I have the first contact with new care organizations. Together with them I look for improvements in healthcare and how we, as Dytter, can contribute to that. The team is young, the platform is innovative and collaboration is the drive behind this company. This is what makes working at Dytter so much fun for me. In five years time I want to look back and conclude that together we have made healthcare more accessible.'



Takes care of the caregivers and planners

'With my experience as an account manager, I look for the perfect match between the healthcare provider and healthcare organization every day. It is great to work in a sector that is so close to everyone and to have an influence on what the future looks like. Dytter is a young, driven organization with a dream. With full conviction and the same passion, we strive every day to make that dream come true.'


Advises the team



Takes care of Dytter Germany

'Breaking new ground, thinking outside the box and learning from each other are central maxims of my daily work. For more than 20 years, I have been working to ensure that technological innovation for the benefit of people also finds its way into the German health industry. We can learn a lot from our neighbouring countries. All the more I'm proud and happy to be able to actively support Dytter in its leap into Germany.'