Dytter is an online matching platform that independently matches healthcare providers with healthcare organizations.

Dytter is an online matching platform that brings healthcare supply and demand together, by independently matching providers with the organizations that need them. By taking out unnecessary middlemen and complicated procedures, we connect the need with the solution, simply and directly.
For you as an independent caregiver, Dytter means: deciding for yourself when you work, where you work, and for what hourly rate.
For healthcare organizations, Dytter means: purchasing the healthcare you need more affordably, faster and with less hassle.

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Quality, quality, quality

Yes, care can be arranged faster, easier and more affordably. But care is not a product. Care is about people. Quality is therefore the most important thing. So we do everything we can to offer the best possible service, for both independent healthcare providers and healthcare organizations.


We screen all independent care providers and check their diplomas and Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). As soon as documents have expired, we ensure, together with the independent care provider, that new ones arrive on time.
You can read more information about how we screen here.


We help independent care providers determine a favorable hourly rate and we advise on training and insurance.


With every accepted service, an agreement is automatically created between the care provider and the care organization. This contains the rights and obligations for both parties. This way everyone knows where they stand and it is clear that it is not an employer-employee relationship.

A muscle car under the hood

Without getting too technical: we put a high-performance engine into the platform. For the tech geek who wants to know a bit more about that, here’s what we mean by “muscle car”:

  • technology from Microsoft Azure, built on the .NET framework
  • the latest code when it comes to relational databases in SQL, cloud services and authentication
  • a React-based frontend

And of course we have all the right permissions and certifications for the healthcare sector.

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Logo Microsoft Azure 2.png

Dytter will replace our planning tools. Hopefully many healthcare organizations will follow this example.”

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It's time for Dytter.

Because healthcare needs to be more affordable. Because it can be more personal. Because it doesn’t have to be such a chore. We’re going to make it happen, along with thousands of providers and organizations who share our passion for healthcare.

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking…