Dytter matches up people who provide care. Good care. Affordable care. Faster, and with a lot less hassle.

We’re proud of Dutch healthcare, and proud of the people who make it possible. There’s nowhere else on earth with a better system. But we think it can be even better. More affordable, faster, and with less hassle—without sacrificing quality.

So we built an online platform to make it happen. Dytter matches healthcare organizations with independent healthcare providers. And we’ve gotten rid of the paperwork and the red tape. All that’s left is affordable healthcare, available on demand, with a human touch.

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Our story

In 2014, founder André Piso saw firsthand how cumbersome it can be to make healthcare arrangements. His father has Alzheimer’s, and his mother was having trouble taking care of him on her own. Arranging the right care, whether at home or at a facility, was complicated. Unnecessarily complicated.

And André figured something needed to be done.

So he started Dytter. The name is a Norwegian word meaning ‘at the touch of a button’. Dytter is a platform that matches independent healthcare providers with the organizations that need them. The aim is to make healthcare more affordable, faster to set up, and available at the touch of a button.

Hundreds of care providers have already joined. A number of healthcare organizations are on board too.

We’re building a movement, and we need like-minded people to help move it forward. We need great providers and great organizations, to help us realize our vision. We’re working toward a world where caregivers can provide care, and organizations can purchase it, quickly and affordably. And without the constant, pointless hassle.

Want to hear the Dytter story in André’s own words?

De Dytter Origin Movie

One day our parents will be able to purchase the care they need immediately, through an app. And that day isn’t far off.”

André PisoFounder Dytter
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André Piso.

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Want to join us?

We envision a world where people purchase their healthcare like they do their shopping: immediately, without hassle, and for a fair price. Want to be part of it?